The Nigerian Naval force arrests some Nigerian and Ghanaian pirates.

The Nigerian naval force says it has protected a captured oil tanker in a sensational evening time operation in which one privateer was killed. The Panama-hailed Maximus, possessed by an organization in the UAE and on lease to a South Korean shipping organization, was escorted on Monday into Lagos harbor with six caught ruffians from Nigeria and Ghana and the team of 18 from India, Pakistan, China, South Korea, Sudan and Ghana. Back Admiral Henry Babalola said the naval force is as yet hunting down two team taken prisoner by two robbers who got away in a privateer vessel. The Indian protection attache, Capt Gautam Marwaha said one prisoner is Indian and the other is accepted to be Pakistan. They have not got any payoff request, he included. The desperados were after the boat's 4,700 tons of diesel fuel when they seized it on February 11. off the bank of Abidjan. The boat was safeguarded on Saturday night around 310 (500 kilometers) southwest of Lagos.

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