The Bangladesh man with tree hands finally rescued by Indian doctors

26-year-old Abdul Bajandar from southern Bangladesh experiences epidermodysplasia verruciformis, a condition so uncommon there are just three known cases on the planet. The condition is named 'Tree Man' since sufferers develop bark-like warts on their members. He effectively experienced surgery to uproot the warts that initially began to seem ten years prior from one of his hands. 'I have battled for a long time and persevered through the agony,' I need to live like an ordinary individual. I simply need to have the capacity to hold my little girl appropriately and embrace her. It is decent to eat with my own particular hands also' Mr Bajandar said before the operation It took a group of nine specialists at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, to expel the developments from only one of his hands. Office executive Samanta Lal Sen said: 'It was an effective operation. We expelled warts from every one of the five fingers of his right hand. He's currently cheerful and was snickering,' 'We'll now audit his condition for the following three weeks before choosing whether to direct more operations. It's a major test.' Bajandar's condition made him a big name of sorts with individuals flying out from all over to see the 'Tree Man' and numerous all the more going to him in doctor's facility. He was given the all-reasonable for surgery after tests affirmed the warts were not malignant. The Bangladesh government consented to hold up under the expenses of his treatment and Prime Minister Sheik Hasina was given a report on his condition, Sen said. Bajandar's wife Halima Khatun saw her spouse after the operation and said he looked 'casual and cheerful'. Mr Bajandar said he at first believed that the warts were safe yet gradually as the developments secured his hands and feet, he was compelled to stop filling in as a bike rickshaw puller.

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