So Sad!! Lagos Task Force Para-Military officer stabbed by hoodlums at Oshodi (See. Photos)

Commercial bus drivers and market touts under the Oshodi bridge came out and attacked both Police and Paramilitary officers with broken bottles, cutlasses, wood and other dangerous weapons in order to secure the release of the arrested 6 commercial buses.

Mr. Uzan Rildwan who was injured during the fracas was immediately rushed to nearby hospital for treatment before he was transferred to General Hospital Ikeja for further diagnoses on his head.

Meanwhile, with the introduction of Mobile Court , it is expected that motorists would comport themselves and complied with the Lagos State Traffic Laws of 2012.

The mobile court which will be moving from different locations across the state with Magistrates, Lawyers, Black Maria, Cashier, Police and Towing vehicles is set to deal with growing cases of traffic and environmental abuses in the state.

Offences by commercial motorcycles riding against traffic, refusal to obey traffic  signs, commercial bus drivers (Danfo) who operate on motion with their doors open among others will be tried by the mobile court.

It is expected that bus conductors should always make sure that doors of their commercial bus is closed whenever their vehicle is on motion and most only stopped at designated bus-stop during when dropping and picking passengers, motorcycle riders should not ride against traffic or ride their motorcycles on restricted routes across the state.

The step taken by the government would bring sanity to the system and does not exclude private vehicle owners who constantly disobeyed traffic Laws.

However, during a week operation by the Lagos State Task Force across the state , 24 commercial and private vehicles who contravened traffic laws were  arrested and made to pay fines, 43 were screened out of the 390 miscreants arrested while remaining 347 were charged to courts and 297 motorcycles were impounded by Task Force.

Adebayo Taofiq
Public Affairs Officer
Lagos State Task Force.‎

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