See the man who killed his wife with cucumber sex.

A German businessperson, 46 year old Oliver Dietmann,  who was having unusual sex with his lover, 46 year old Rica Varna is confronting a 5 year jail sentence for her demise. Dietmann said he had met Rica in 2004 as just companions yet that their relationship had gotten to be sexual in 2009. By Mail, Dietmann said amid their sexual relationship, they had constantly utilized vegetables as a part of spot of sex toys, vegetables like cucumber, carrots and so forth for sexual joys. He added that he had invited Rica to his home on July nineteenth 2014 and admitted that they had tipsy four jugs of wine in the middle of them and a few glasses of schnapps. The court in Mannheim where Dietmann is on trial had Rica's family, her Dad and sister, in court, listening to the explicit points of interest of the day their sister/little girl passed on. He said on that day, after he had pleasured Rica with a cucumber, he put it in her mouth. Be that as it may, then he saw smoke coming from his kitchen and hurried to the kitchen, overlooking the cucumber in Rica's mouth. He said: "I overlooked that I had put a bit of meat on the stove for my puppy. 'I hurried to the kitchen, bolstered my canine and after that went ahead to the overhang to smoke a cigarette.' He said when he came back to the room, Rica was oblivious. He included: 'I attempted to get the cucumber pieces out of her mouth,' he said, 'however they were so soft I couldn't get any buy by any means.' Medicinal specialists amid the trial said that the cucumber had gotten wedged in her throat, when he had left her unattended and that had removed her air supply and dove her into a trance like state. A decision for the situation is expected on Friday.

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