P Square sacks their manager Jude Okoye.

Is Not by taking a snappy choice , Jude Engees Okoye is the Rock of Square Records that is the thing that i can say over this , from the official Twitter Page of the Nigerian Popular Music star Peter Okoye Twin Brother to Paul Okoye of Psqaure Group, who expressed that they are going to disolve their Management Team ie sacking their chief who happens to be their Senior Brother and their Manager since Time. P-Square are a Nigerian R&B couple of indistinguishable twin siblings Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. They create and discharge their collections through Square Records. In December 2011, they marked a record manage Akon's Konvict Muzik name, see his tweets beneath. – Psquare Fans i know y'all have been soliciting a great deal from inquiry concerning us – I don't have an issue with Paul however the administration. – My reliability for psquare and the fans still stays 100%. – A director is been utilized by the artiste not the other path round. #truthBeTold – Psquare is Peter and Paul Okoye – Usher Raymond did it,Beyoncé did it also. So it's not new. – People change administration and you r not distinctive. – Peter and Paul has the privilege to sack the whole administration group. Business will be Business. #Period – Peter and Paul is Psquare and each other individual is a connection # – Pls who so ever makes any exchange with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye for Psquare's sake does as such at their on danger. #warning – Family business can be torment in the a$$ – Pls diminish and Paul are Psquare not with Jude. Much appreciated – How would you be able to maintain a Business with no structure – What the fans need is Peter and Paul Psquare and that is the thing that I need. Period! – Forcing your self that you should remain Psquare's is so cray! #enough – I have lamented a considerable measure of things throughout my life… But believe me this is not one of them. #NoMoreFamilyBusiness – I remain here 100% for my sibling Paul and Psquare yet not with our supposed administration. #period – Psquare is not separating. Be that as it may, the administration needs to go. – And for those that will begin saying Psquare is separating. We are most certainly not. Only that the administration needs to go. – Psquare is not separating. I remain here to guard Psquare 100% – Been sustaining and dealing with this issues for more than 4yrs at this point. Try not to take my quiet as a shortcoming. #done

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