More than 50 travelers died in an accident in Ghana.

More than 70 travelers are accounted for being dead in a mishap on the Kintampo-Tamale street in the Brong-Ahafo Region. The mishap happened when a Metro Mass transport with enrollment number AS 7131 Y going venturing out to Tamale slammed into a load truck which was conveying boxes of tomatoes from Navrongo. Adom Fm's columnist in Kintampo Wiafe Akenten reports that just around 3 persons survived the mischance. The mate for the freight truck driver was alive however stuck in the truck from 7:30pm till 10:15pm preceding he was salvage by the kintampo fire administration. Be that as it may, Kintampo MTTD Commander Chief Superintendent Desmond Boampong couldn't affirm what number of passings happened in the mishap. In the interim, President John Dramani mahama has talked about the mischance on his Twitter page conveying messages on sympathies to families who have lost their friends and family. It's very unsettling that the week Joy SMS chooses to talk about the threat trucks posture on our streets, we ought to have mishaps including such a large number of autos on the N1 and another executing 53 individuals at Kintampo ( as indicated by Joy News). From my own involvement in 2011, where a truck with defective brakes set off from Kaneshie ( with the driver completely mindful of the issue for no less than two days) and kept running into the back of a companion's private auto and practically squashed the auto, a great deal of these trucks have brake or different issues however the drivers and auto proprietors would not alter such issues but rather turn to adhoc measures. The most disastrous thing is these drivers would even now drive at top pace knowing the threat they stance and after that jolt when they cause a mischance. I implore Joy FM manages this battle on the grounds that each and every life is precious.May the left rest in immaculate peace and might the God Lord watch over us all.Shalom.

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