Help Me, A Married Woman Wants Sex What should I do?

Am in a serious  problem now,  Please how do I handle this situation??

I am in a fixed,and I need your help..
I have an old family friend,we have come a very long way,she’s almost my dad’s age,though my dad is late now.

This woman has been disturbing me for a long period of two years now,but I couldn’t fall for her flashy gifts and her so called love.

I confided in my close friend,he said I should have sex with the woman,but by the grace of God I’m a disciplined person,and I refused…

A year ago before my father died,he always advice me that no matter how bad I become,I should never sleep with a married woman,and I know that’s one thing I need to avoid in order to make my late dad happy wherever he is.

Right now I’m in my final year in University of calabar,things has not been easy with me and my siblings,since my dad died,I have been the bread winner of the family because my mom suffered from stroke after my dad passed on..

I need some amount of money to round up in school with my project,I have looked for money everywhere,but it seems God has turned his face on me and my family.

This woman who is my last hope,has promised to give me the money and even more if only I reciprocate her advances,and my friend is insisting I do it.

But I’m so confused now,do I sleep with a married woman in order to get money,or listen to my fathers dead wishes and my self discipline..?? Please what do I do??My life,family,education is at stake,I really need help and God’s intervention

Advice  me please!!!

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