Gov Richard Okorocha reconciles Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo

Governor Rochas Okorocha has accommodated the two factional pioneers of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo, Chief Gray Enwo-Igariwey and Dr. Ralph Obioha with Dr. Obioha dropping his case to the President-General OF Ohaneze and tolerating Chief Enwo Igariwey as the main President-General of the Organization.  Dr. Obioha additionally promised to give Chief Igariwey all the required backing and collaboration to empower him succeed. The compromise of the two groups had come Monday night toward the end of an extremely extensive meeting between the two pioneers, individuals from their particular EXCOs and representatives from the states that make up Ohaneze, at the Government House Owerri, with Governor Okorocha managing the meeting. Toward the end of the meeting, Dr. Obioha dropped his waiting case of being the credible President-General of Ohaneze, and pronounced that he and his group had acknowledged the authority of Chief Igariwey as the President-General of Ohaneze, and Dr. Obioha's revelation inspired celebration in the Ndubuisi Kanu Exco Chambers, Government House, Owerri. Notwithstanding, one of the assentions at the meeting was that the residency of Chief Igariwey has been stretched out by one year, and at the close of the one year, new decision would be led to choose new pioneers of the body. Each one of those suspended from the body over the span of the quarrel between the two groups were additionally reviewed, while all the court cases occasioned by the question would likewise be withdrawn.  A 17-part board of trustees that would see to the usage of every one of that was concurred including the issue of race was set up with Dr. Obioha as Chairman, while the governors will create one part each. In his discourse at the notable occasion, Governor Okorocha communicated energy that "the Ohaneze family is back as one.  There is peace now in Ohaneze.  The Ohaneze with Chief Igariwey as President-General is the umbrella body to champion the course of the Igbos.  Today, we have demonstrated to the world that Igbos are their siblings guardians." Okorocha proceeded with, "The President of Ohaneze will soon address the Igbo nation.  All Igbos must hold hands with the Ohaneze administration to move Igbo country forward.  With this peace, we are going to see another sort of backing for Ohaneze.  The rest of the world will find out about the Igbo nation.  The curse has been broken." He proceeded, "with this peace we are going to underline on the economy of the South-East instead of politics. We should make it, with God on our side.  The old things have passed away and see new things are taking place.  And I need to praise every one of my siblings and sisters here for this peace in Ohaneze.  This is another Ohaneze that will advance the Igbo country." By Okorocha "the governors will be behind the initiative and the whole NEC, so that another melody will be sung in the Igbo nation.  I recognize the President-General for keeping the Ohaneze soul on, regardless of the absence of backing from the partners." Boss Igariwey and Dr. Obioha in their individual addresses said accomplishing peace in the authority of Ohaneze and accommodating the two groups ought to be commended by all Igbos in light of the fact that the division had never betokened well with the august body and the enthusiasm of the Igbos all in all. They praised Governor Okorocha for guaranteeing that peace and solidarity come back to Ohaneze, and guaranteed that they would not let the Igbos down. They said Ohaneze would now be involved with issues that would support the economy of Igbo area. The two pioneers, Dr. Obioa and Chief Igariwey had additionally tended to the Journalists present before leaving the venue of the meeting and said the world would now know the Igbos better, that they differ to concur in the general enthusiasm of the Igbo country and her kin. Sam Onwuemeodo Boss Press Secretary to the Governor Individuals' Comments they are battling for the position of administration in light of their narrow minded interest,like Ohaneze like Rochas Okoroawusa.He's managing Imolites,Imolites are crying of hardship while our insatiable and childish representative is occupied with building domain here and there,he tricked every one of us with very much orchestrated teeth that he generally open at whatever point he needs to mislead us. Oga Roch Baba God dey watch u o… … – JAMES Goodness, I never knew they had any groups. This shows how dull the seat of ohaneze ndigbo is Rochas ought to begins reconciling so as to satisfy imo laborers their pay rates as opposed to concentrating on adversaries or groups.. Imo pay rates must be pay. – iGBO Prince Lol. Didn't you folks say that the APC is a Hausa party? Since the PDP has put you where you have a place, the whole Ohaneze is presently creeping to Okorocha with their tails between their legs. The following step is for them to visit Buhari to vow their dedication like humble schoolboys. Only a year in the resistance and these old men can't survive. Regardless, the SE is an indispensable piece of Nigerian governmental issues and their silly avarice can't prevent the East from claiming its potential significance. In the following couple of weeks, sweepers would be costly in the SE. – MrKAY

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