Clash between Lasu students and touts of Iyana Iba, yesterday.

A report was sent to us at amiloaded by an eye witness concerning a clash between Lasu students and touts of Iyana Iba: "It happens that I went with a friend to go and do his national I'd in lasu registration.
The bus we board from igando to Lasu gate couldn't get to the school gate we met traffic like two bus stop before the gate, we ask what was happening we where informed that their is fighting going on at iyanaiba that bus can't go.
We went for the registration so on our way back, the whole express have been barricaded no vehicular movement, students where outsides with sticks and shouting.
I asked some of the students what was happening, they said the agbero stopped their SUG buses from working because they are not paying them well again
I now asked one of the driver what really happened. He said most of the buses plying Iyanaipaja–Egbeda-Isheri-Igando-Lasu-Iyanaiaba have been painting their buses to blue and converting it to SUG bus.
That once its been painted blue, the driver will pay SUG lasu 30000, will be paying 2000 every week to SUG lasu and give the agbero 400naira everyday.
With that any police harassment or any other case the SUG are the one to come in, as long as the driver isn't at fault and also the drivers will enjoy some immunity as long as he is paying his dues. So the agbero felt they where not getting enough money from the drivers so they now insisted that the driver have to be paying them 1000naira daily which the drivers refused to pay so they seized their seats, deflating their tyres and beating some of the driver.
So they call the SUG, the student went that was how they now starts their fighting.

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