Abimbola Fernandez Opens Up On Being a Lesbian( See Photos)

Being into a gay and Lesbian relationship is officially illegal and banned in the Federal Republic of Nigeria where it is considered a crime and punishable with 14 years in jail. But this has not stopped the daughter of the late Nigerian billionaire, Abimbola Fernandez from taking the bold step of announcing her status on social media. On the 4th of February, 2016, Abimbola Fernandez took to the social media to confess to her being into a lesbian relationship encouraging the LGBTQ community to fly its flag. According to reports, her lesbian lifestyle was a source of worry for her late father, the late billionaire Antionio Fernandez.

 Abimbola is known to many Nigerians as an aspiring musician but her relationship with her father was below stellar and far from impressive. In a snapshot, she is seen complaining bitterly about him and calling her father ’90 and miserable’:

The late Fernandez stood firmly against any homosexual relationship in his family and his daughter is now trying to paint another picture is against all he stood for. At no time did he approve of, or accept the daughter’s Lesbianism.
According to reports, Abimbola insisted she loved her partner and planned to marry her by the time she turned 30. Before the late Fernandez passed on, he got to know of Abimbola’s Lesbianism.

 This was how a family member present at the heart-rendering moment put it: ‘Chief got to know of Abimbola’s lesbian partner but only a few weeks to his death. He cursed her and said to us there never to mention her name in his presence again.

He cried so hard. It was a distraught time for us all.

Source @gistmania

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