A woman killed her husband after having a threesome with him and a teenager.

Chamari Liyanage purportedly bashed her spouse Dinendra Athukorala to death with a 1.79kg hammer in the couple's bed, dreading he would uncover they were engaging in sexual relations with a young person. In the wake of murdering her spouse, she called the police. At the point when police arrived the scene, they discovered her, twisted close to the dead body which was lying on the sleeping cushion covered in blood, which had splattered over the divider and blinds above him. One of the primary officers to get to the scene saw a hammer lying on the bed,  he then asked her what had happened: "I inquired as to whether she comprehended what had happened, a crying Liyanage  said she didn't know and couldn't recall and that the hummer had a place with her spouse". The jury at the Supreme Court of Western Australia heard how the respondent was at limit and had gotten to be sustained up of her "controlling" spouse. She had told police how he was physically fierce, constrained her to take part in sexual acts and controlled her accounts and watched where she went. Her lawyer  George Giudice said his customer was a "Restless, on edge, caught and battered woman, that she was made to demonstrate for her spouse before a camera, now and then for a considerable length of time on end.She was also fed up of being pressured her into threesome with other ladies, including a 17-year old young lady with whom the Sri Lankan couple were having an affair. It got to a stage that she was no longer arranged to endure his conduct, he included". Liyanage argued not liable to killing her spouse, likewise a specialist, with a hammer. The trial, set down for three weeks.

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