A Prophet Told Me To Kill My Mother For Breakthrough – Oluyinde Ibrahim (Read Full Story)

Oluyinde Ibrahim who was arrested by policemen attached to the Oko- Oba Police Station at Agege area of Lagos State for allegedly stabbing his mother to death has been explaining why he carried out the dastardly act . Ibrahim a barber , was said to have visited his mother on Friday morning at her residence at No. 3 Bunmi Christopher Close, Off Arowolo Street, Abule Egba a suburb of Lagos State and confronted the elderly woman with allegations of witchcraft police sources informed our correspondent Police sources said Oluyinde came from Abeokuta, Ogun State to visit his mother on Friday at her apartment on Bunmi Christopher Close Abule Egba but strangely killed her in cold blood by stabbing her severally on the neck with a kitchen knife.

Ibrahim reportedly fled from the area, before neighbours can come to the rescue of the old woman whose name is yet to be ascertained. A neighbour who claimed to be at home when the crime was committed said “At about 2pm on Friday, I was in the kitchen when I heard some sharp cries from the woman’s room. She was calling on neighbours for help. “Others and I went to the woman’s door; it was locked. So, I went round and opened the window, I saw Ibrahim’s hand; it was wet with blood, but he refused to open the door “We asked him why he attacked his mother; all he said was that it was his mother who killed his father. We were all shocked. The man is a barber. He plaits hair too. He, however, managed to escape.

The police later arrested him and brought him to the house on Saturday. Another neighour said “I have been living in this compound for sometime and mama has been with us. Her children come here to visit her from time to time . On Friday when the incident happened, I went to take my bath when I heard mama shouting for help that her son wants to kill her and I rushed out to discovered that the door was locked from the inside and I knocked and ask Ibrahim to open the door and he said I should go back” The neighbour said he was not satisfied and said he went to the backyard to see what was going on in the room through the window and he saw blood stains splashed in the room and on Ibrahim’s body.

“As at the time I opened the door,Ibrahim had ran through the backyard and escaped other tenants who went inside the room saw the lifeless body of the woman in a pool of blood. “He stab her on the neck severally. It was last year that the woman moved in with her husband. She was about 57. She was a goldsmith. One of her grandchildren – the daughter of her first daughter – was staying with her before this incident happened.

Oluyinde’s father, however, died last year from sickness. He could not talk for some time before the sickness eventually claimed his life.the source added It was gathered that the murder was reported at the OKO Oba Police Station and the Police lunched a manhunt for the fleeing Ibrahim who was eventually arrested on Saturday morning. Police sources revealed that when the suspect was questioned, he revealed that he killed his mother because he received a prophesy that his mother killed his father and was behind his stagnation in life.

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