A guy scares crocodiles away by exposing his bum to them.

Million Gume swims in a waterway brimming with crocodile. He is not apprehensive in light of the fact that as indicated by him, once he flashes his exposed bum at the crocodiles, they leave. He calls it bum swimming. "I'm the lord of the bum swim," he chuckles and exhibits by plunging into the water and putting his bare bum noticeable all around. The 30-year-old from Mhinga Village in Malamulele, Limpopo said he's been swimming in the Luvuvhu River for a long time. The waterways in the range are known not numerous crocodiles and numerous local people have lost their lives oblivious water. "The crocodiles are terrified of me! When I hop into the water and understand that the crocodiles need to assault me, I simply demonstrat to them my bum and they move away. I then go ahead with my well known bum swim." he told Daily Sun. He said individuals who go to the waterway appreciate watching him. On Wednesday evening the SunTeam saw Million playing in the waterway. He coasted with his head and abdominal area submerged like a suffocated individual. He then vanished under the water and a little while later just his bum showed up. George Matiyani, headman of the Mhinga Tribal Authority, said Million must watch out. "The crocodiles aren't frightened of his bum. They will drag his bum into the profound waters and bite him up," he said. Matiyani cautioned the children to avoid the risky waterways in the town. He said the crocodiles frequently execute individuals. "The latest casualty was angler Thinashe Hove, who was assaulted on 24 January. What's more, the body of a 45-year-old man who was killed a month ago hasn't been found yet."

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