A dog walker finds severed human leg along the park.

Simon Clarke was strolling his canine, Ollie, when he happened to stumble upon a disjoined human leg in Weston Park East, Somerset, UK. Authorities are examining the revelation and have sent the foot for measurable investigation. The extremity seems to have been disjoined inches over the lower leg. Mr Clarke said the foot seemed as though it had been uncovered. Investigator Inspector Lorette Spierenburg said : 'This examination is at an early stage and we are keeping a receptive outlook in the matter of how the foot came to be in the recreation center. We are doing all that we can to recognize the individual whose foot it is and are liaising with the neighborhood healing facility and auditing missing persons as a major aspect of our examination. 'I might want to console the nearby group that we have expanded watches in the region and anybody with any worries is welcome to identify with officers.'

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