A couple finally gets married after living together for 45 years.

The 72 year old man and 60 year old lady who have been living respectively for over 45 years without lady cost and marriage were joined in Holy Matrimony today, Saturday, February 20 at Omega Power Ministries, Port Harcourt. The congregation declared the uplifting news on their Facebook page, including that they bankrolled the weddings of other 140 couples who have been living respectively for a long time without legitimate marriage. They gave cash to the spouse value, wedding outfit for ladies, suit, shirt and even ties for the men of the hour completely complimentary. "Why did I choose to do this ?" the Pastor inquired. "Each day I get restless night in view of the measure of individuals living respectively when God has not went along with them. IT IS A SIN BEFORE GOD. Do you realize that; one out of each five individuals you find in the road are living respectively without being legitimately hitched," he said. "In the event that Rapture happens now , they will all miss Rapture. So what is the arrangement ? Arrangement Number one: Couples should Live separated until you inspire cash to WED. Which is exceptionally hazardous. Any of those ladies can be my sister or possibly she as of now has 5 youngsters. The lady will endure. Also, a bizarre lady might take favorable position to come in. Arrangement number two: Legalize their union. Be that as it may, numerous don't have cash to legitimize it. They as of now have youngsters, however no cash to pay lady cost. So that is the reason I chose to mediate, so when Rapture happens they might not be discovered needing. "What is a congregation building when the general population inside the building have visa to go to Hell-fire. Salvation is superior to anything excellent church building.This is the reason I led marriage favoring for 140 couples @ OPM base camp. By the beauty of God, I gave them cash to pay lady value which they have voyage and returned subsequent to paying. I purchased wedding suits and outfits including shirts and tie for 140 couples. Paid for marriage declaration and paid for nourishment, drinks that will be utilized for their gathering. Presently I can rest soundly realizing that additional 140 souls have been added to the kingdom of God."

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