A boy that kills his abusive mum’s boyfriend is facing death sentence.

18 year old Treveon Jones has been accused of homicide and is confronting capital punishment if discovered liable. By report, Treveon assaulted and slaughtered his mum's injurious live-in-sweetheart in Houston, Texas after he got the man, 40 year old Frederick Wallace, fiercely assaulting his mother before her little youngsters – Treveon's two siblings. Treveon was said to have been cautioned in regards to the beating going ahead in a parking area and he took a companion and a weapon with him. When he saw the condition his mom was in, he first physically assaulted the man then shot him different times with a self loading rifle… Onlookers called police and Treveon was captured. Powers say the lady had experienced household misuse Wallace for a considerable length of time yet Treveon shouldn't have taken the law into his hands.

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