5 common words ladies are addicted to saying when they need money.

We all know ladies like money just that too much of everything is bad,These are the commonly used words by ladies when they need money or anything related to money from you:

1. I love you : 

Immediately you hear this sentence from a lady,you must know that she needs money from you,that word is far from most ladies mouth though some ladies don’t always use it only when they need money from you but most of the time it is when they need money,don’t even wait for them to ask you directly.

2.Your face look gorgeous today :

It is rare for you to see a female admiring your beauty,when you notice that she is admiring your  beauty,don’t feel pumpous about yourself,it is an indirect way to tell you she needs money.

3.You are the best Man in the world:

When a lady tells you that you are the best man in theworld,she may not mean it,it may be an indirect way to ask for money,you yourself know that you can’t be the best man in the world.

4.you alone capture my heart : 

When she tells you that you alone capture her heart,it means she needs money,how can you capture her heart when you aren’t a photographer lols. 
Just give her what she wants

5.You alone have the key to my heart: 

It is very rare for a woman to tell you this, when she use all other sentence mentioned above and doesn’t work,she try this one and you too fell for it,just give her what she want and you will see that she will not use this word again until she needs money again.

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