Wow see how much 50 cent and The Game are worth.

Rapper The Game yesterday demonstrated to us his record balance…$13million – and now as indicated by TMZ, 50cent who once made $100m in one year, is presently worth about $16million. Their report beneath The is a money related shadow of his previous self … this as per new chapter 11 docs got by TMZ. The big shot cases in the legitimate docs his bank goods aggregates $7.4 million. Add to that his genuine property possessions of around $8.8 million and his aggregate resources are only north of $16 million. It's a stunning number, however not positively. 50 sold his enthusiasm for Vitaminwater for some place between $60 million and $100 million. Mind you … that is only the water. At his top, 50 was apparently worth a huge number of dollars. 50 has put it out there that he has announced "rich man's" liquidation … also, that's regardless he coming in the batter. He has more cash than most, however contrast him with The Game, who stored more than $13 million in his philanthropy account alone.

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