Why Should You Buy a Body Lotion For Men?

The number one reason is the fact they are specially formulated for men. Male and female skin is, in fact, different (you can learn more about these differences here:

Male skin is more deeply pigmented
It`s thicker and has more collagen

Male have less subcutaneous fat (fat found directly under the skin)

Aging signs are less visible in men

Male skin secretes more oil

Men sweat more than woman

Men skin is different compared to the female, which is why it is advised to use products specially formulated for male skin. Of course, using female skin products will not melt your skin away but you should avoid it.

There are, of course, other reasons a good body lotion should be a part of your skincare regime:

Protection against the elements – guys tend to spend more time outdoors compared to girls, and their skin is more exposed to the elements such as sun damage or the wind
Removing dead skin – dead skin cells can cause rough skin calluses to develop. A good skin care regime will help you get rid of them

Feel good and smell good – even though we are guys, we are allowed to pamper ourselves! Applying body lotion can be accompanied by a light massage which will help you relax

Repair and protect your skin – when looking to buy the best men`s body lotion, keep an eye on the ingredients, look for Vitamin E, aloe vera and shea butter, since they will help your skin regenerate and become healthier

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