President Buhari reassures the people of Ogoni land, that he would clean up the oil mess.

President Buhari today reaffirmed his organization's dedication to the execution of the United Nations Environmental Program's proposals for the tidy up of Ogoni land and different parts of the Niger Delta which have been harmed by unrefined petroleum spillage. Talking amid a visit to the United Nations Office in the Kenyan capital prior today, President Buhari asked the United Nations to give more backing for his organization's endeavors to tidy up the locale. "When I came into office on 29th May 2015, one of the primary undertakings I completed was to approve the usage of the proposals of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) for the tidy up of Ogoni area. The pulverization brought about by oil spillage has wrecked numerous lives and vocations and is plainly one reason why numerous individuals in that locale lost confidence in Government and depended on the numerous criminal exercises we are finding in the area today. The move our administration made to actualize UNEP's proposals has given the indigenes of the area trust that there are better days ahead. Let me, subsequently, express thankfulness for the benefit of the Government of Nigeria to UNEP and other improvement accomplices for their collaboration and backing on this extremely fragile matter furthermore ask for their proceeded with backing as we actualize the proposals and change the fortunes of the area," he said. Before leaving the United Nations Office, President Buhari attempted the typical planting of a tree, a convention saved for all meeting Heads of State and Government.

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