Check Out Five Reasons Why You Should Date A Vegetarian

Yes, you should date a vegetarian. Reasons? Read on:

1. Vegetarians are unarguably physically healthier than others. Remember the story of Daniel in the bible. He fed on vegetables and came out healthier than others that dined on the king’s meat and wine. Daniel had a vegetarian diet and was the more healthy for it. Because we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we stay far away from cardiovascular diseases.

2. Vegetarian make determined and loyal lovers: Our lives as vegetarians demand a lot of determination. I used to like milk  and chicken while growing up but I revolted against all these things when I witnessed the butchering of a cow. I cried for days and wouldn’t touch the meat that my mother had bought from the butcher. To be so determined on this course at an early age refusing the temptation of meat and milk, I can definitely be loyal in a relationship I am determined to keep. This arguably goes for a lot other vegetarians.

3. Vegetarians are very humane and will be the last to hurt a fellow human being: Considering that vegetarians detest cruelty to animals, we surely detest cruelty to humans and won’t treat out spouses cruelly.

4. Vegetarians are disciplined eaters. We stick to a regimen. I, for instance, eat 16 teaspoonfuls of everything from rice to beans to salad. What this means is that we are good savers and disciplined people.

5. The most interesting is that because we love fresh stuffs and vegetables, we last longer in bed. And even at sixty or seventy or eighty, we still hit harder. In addition, our Fluid tastes sweeter and we smell sweeter than meat eaters.

Thumbs up to all vegetarians out there.

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