A student dies of Lassa Fever at Ebonyi State.

A unidentified student has passed on of Lassa fever in Ebonyi State. The state representative Dave Umahi made this known at a town corridor meeting in Abakalili, the state capital yesterday January 26th. Talking at the meeting, Umahi asked inhabitants of the state to instantly go to the healing center for appropriate testing at whatever time they fall sick "It might be Lassa fever and in the event that it is identified early, it can be dealt with than when it achieves a propelled stage when it might be hard to spare the victim."he said In the interim the Rivers state government has announced "Operation Kill all Rats" in the state after 6 individuals passed on from the illness in the state. Lassa fever is a fatal fever transmitted by rats. It can be avoided by keeping a perfect domain. Early indications of the sickness incorporate fever, cerebral pain, chills, loose bowels, queasiness, heaving, sore throat, spinal pain, and joint agonies. Late indications incorporate seeping from the eyes, ears and nose, seeping from the mouth and rectum, eye swelling, swelling of the privates and rashes everywhere throughout the body that regularly contain blood. It could advance to extreme lethargies, stun and passing.

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