Top 3 Beauty Essentials For The Harmattan Season

The harmattan season is here and more than anything, I am super excited about this cool dry air than the nasty heat that has been dealing with us

Although the harmattan season comes with it’s many disadvantages like dry lips, cracked & ashy skin, sore throat and more.

That being said, we have put together top 3 beauty essentials to help keep your skin luscious and radiant all through this season.

Check them out below;:


As much as you love matte lipsticks, this is not the time to have them around. Lip balms are lip savers as they help to keep the lip moisturized, heals and protects the lips from being chapped. It’s extremely important to have at least one in your everywhere bag, another in your house and an extra one.


The harmattan might be cold and breezy but there is nothing cool about a cracked ashy skin. During this period, moisture is lost from the skin faster than usual hence to ensure a healthy skin, it is wise to keep your body oil close as it comes handy. Coconut oil is usually a go-to at times like this because ordinary body lotions and Vaseline might not work the magic.


Even our weaves and natural hair needs some attention too. We spend a lot of money on weaves and so during the harmattan, taking proper care of the hair should be priority. The hair serum gives weaves some shine and also helps to lock in moisture. Also note to never leave your hair undone

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