Three categories of friends

 In life friends can either make or mare you,  depending on how you place them in your relationship scale. Most especially when you are coming from the slum,  the height you will reach is solely dependent on the kind of friends you keep.  There are categories of friends you keep in life to survive especially when you are coming from the less privileged  area like the ghetto. For example if you take the responsibility of a very Sharp bad guy to a Real bad guy, you are inviting chaos and calamity . Now let  me break down the friends you keep in the ghetto to make it to the top categories

 1. The very Good guys/ Checkers :   These categories of friends are very vital , they are most times nerds and the religious or better still the SU people. I call them “Checkers,  When you are going extremely bad they tend to keep you in check and try to redirect you from going completely astray, they are the always keep it safe and simple guys, very nervous to take risks,  and are in great concern of what people thinks about them. But as important as this category of friend is they tend to always need the next category of friend ” Bad sharp guys”. Some times these Good guys too tend to want to engage in some bad acts but before they do,  they always consult “The bad sharp guys” . Some of the bad acts they tend to engage in at times are ” wanting to  woo a girl”, ” sending the The bad sharp guys to help them buy condoms because they are too perfect or shy to buy a condom”( You should see their faces when they are begging The bad sharp guys to get them a condom ) . These categories of people have nothing to do  most times with the third categories of friends “The Real bad guys”, The good guys are either scared of them or they feel these people will dent their image. The older or the matured ladies most times get attracted to these category of people because of marriage lol.

The Bad sharp guys :  These category of friends are not absolutely bad, I would say they are bad in a good way. They are the fines boys or trying to be a fine boy types, they are the younger ladies men,  they are the popular dudes,  putting on the flyest clothes and jewelries, wearing perfumes etc. These categories of friends are most times ambitious, drivers in terms of initiation of plans, that’s the reason The Good guys like them because they tend to initiate risk taking in them. If these categories of people are not checked they may gravitate into becoming The Real bad guys,  these where the good guys comes in.  But when these category of friends grow older they tend to become the best pastors and councillors because they have seen it all.  They always keep The Real bad guys as their back up when they engage in shady dealings,  these category of people hates cuts and runs away when real fight comes,  to come back with The Real Bad guys as their sole backup. To keep the The Real bad guys they often buy drinks, smoke and even give them money and gifts too. The Real Bad guys is their defense because of their ruthless nature, and the Good guys are their to keep them in check. They sometimes convert the good guys to be like them,  that’s when you see a nerd or an SU guy become swaggerlicious all of a sudden. These group of people benefit from The Good guys and The Real bad guys,  they are just in between.

The Real Bad guys :  They are aggressive, ruthless and do all the dirty jobs,  they are like the gods of our land you appease them with alcohol,  food and money. They really don’t need the other categories of friends,  the only category of friends they need sometimes is The Bad sharp guys,  they need them when they are interested or attracted to an attractive lady.  You want to draw these people closer to you just be generous to them, they are like Brunor Mars they could even die for you,  take a cut, bullet for you or even grenade for you. They are most times illiterates or naturally bad, they sometimes liable to change or die a baddass.  The only thing that changes these people is a tough life situation or death of a loved one. They could also act malleable to a woman they love that’s when you see the bad boss acting like a baby to woman.

After reading through these check the category of friend you fall in,  please share if you  like
Written By HerexG

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