Dear readers, In Terms Of Data Plan, Which Network Is Your Best In 2015?

Dear readers,

In fews hours, we will all be bidding farewell to 2015 in turn usher us to a new year 2016 thus hoping for a better data service by our network providers in order for better experience by customers.

However, there have been various data subscription that evolved by different network providers such as the 1gig by Mtn for #500 a month also by Etisalat,3gig for 1k by Glo for a month,1gig by Airtel for #1500 last for a addition,there are also various new cheaper data plans which include the 3gig weekend plan by mtn for #300,1gig for #100 weekend data enjoyed by some selected Airtel sims and the new 3gig weekend plan for #300 by GLO etc.haven said all this its quite glaring that over the past few months,various affordable data plan have hit web surfing going which we all have enjoyed in one way or the other.

Although left for me Amina, Etisalat is the best.

Share your experience.


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