MC Oluomo Trends As Lagos Drivers Embark On Strike


Commercial bus drivers under the aegis of the Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria, on Monday, embarked on a seven-day strike in Lagos State over alleged extortion by members of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee.

In a statement before the strike, the drivers said, “Drivers and commuters have had a brimful of extortion and harassment from the motor park management and caretaker committee thugs popularly known as ‘Agbero.’”

Meanwhile, the name of the Chairman, Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee, Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo, has been trending on Twitter in relations to the drivers’ strike.

A tweep, Ejike said, “The situation at Lagos bus stops this morning. No buses and no MC Oluomo or ‘agberos’ to provide transportation. Na make una for see how utterly useless ‘agberos’ are, yet somehow Lagos has made them demigods.”

Another user, Waliu, tweeted, “Lagos State enabled the shenanigans. Commercial bus drivers pay the dues through their nose. Ordinary Lagosians bear the brunt of non-state actors’ recklessness. I’m glad ordinary drivers are organising!”

“Lagos commercial bus drivers begins strike today. It’s gonna be a tough period for us in Lagos. It’s so crazy how much control non-state actors have on the Nigerian economy. ‘Agberos’ are bringing the State to a halt and the State Government is shamelessly helpless about this,” Opeyemi tweeted.

Weyimi said, “Do you know what’s worse? The same people complaining about the scarcity of fuel and lack of buses are the same people who don’t see anything wrong in thugs/agberos/MC Oluomo extorting money. Truly some people are addicted to suffering.”

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