Why I’m Contesting For FUTASU Top Seat – Tobi Olanipekun

Dr. Tunji Ogunyemi, a budget historian and an economist from Obafemi Awolowo University, who was a facilitator at Kimpact Democracy School 2020, jacked up my reality as a young Nigerian that due to the debt stock of my country, I’m owing N157,906.30 in terms of debt per capita. That is pretty much like owing that huge sum of money for sniffing Sweet Savour’s plate of fried rice and turkey for 5 months at a stretch. After that day, I kept asking myself what I’m really doing to turn things around even at the lowest level of governance. My children should not meet this debt or shout UP NEPA too!

I joined student unionism right from my days in the Polytechnic. I’ve been a student of comradeship, impact and a true follower of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and HIM Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II.

The ravishing hunger to serve and make impact no matter how small led me into the social development space. I’ve been an active social impact player for the past 7 years; learning and serving across different industries. I’ve been able to really see how impactful a working system can be with the right leadership and mindset in place.

From nothing (not even little), I’ve built an NGO of 3 years that has contributed immensely to the development of the girl-child, women, youth and community development. I am reminded of the manner and way I give out all my money, resources, time and energy just because of one thing – making the system cum society better through impacts – no matter how small.

Good governance is the bedrock of a working society. If we lament every day that the system is bad, my question is that, what are we doing to really make the system and our community better? We’ll not be passionate about effecting a change by being onlookers. We should rather assess the system, join the system and change it from within. For the system not to corrupt us, we must be genuine, principled, focused and build our core values around utmost integrity.

Since last year, I’ve had the opportunity of leading an amazing team to re-engineer the off-campus experience for FUTA students. As a student legislator and the Chairman of the Off-Campus Committee of our union, I’ve led my team to exploit opportunities and collaborations to bring about a turnaround in a short time. This is as a result of the strong desire to serve and place people at the centre of every decision making. This is what makes me a servant leader. I believe I can do so much more if given the opportunity to serve as the next FUTASU 001.

It is humbling to see many of you support me because you believe in this togetherness movement that can make our students’ union work for all of us. In the face of our daily challenges, you believe that we can be one people, striving everyday to build a near perfect union that lives up to the expectation of advancing our interests as students of this great citadel of learning – FUTA. It is the fundamental belief; I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper that will make our union work for all of us.

I come before you today, first of all, as a fellow student who share your everyday struggle and secondly, as a servant leader who is more than ready to prioritise your interests and build a FUTASU that works for all of us. Whether you’re an Engineering student or Agricultural student or Mineral Sciences student or Management student or Medical/Health/Science student or Environmental student does not come to play. Your identity as a Futarian first matters to me and that will be the only password you need to be a beneficiary of good governance under our administration – if you elect me.

TOBINO’21 is not just a movement, but a conscious desire to serve the people at the apex seat of the Federal University of Technology Akure Students’ Union (FUTASU).

I envisage a people-focused union that is reminded of its every day duty – to serve and to protect the interests of thousands of Futarians. I envisage a union that runs on this core values – Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Collaboration (LIAC).

Leadership – To build a union that is committed, responsible and accountable to Futarians.

Innovation – To build a union whose bedrock of development is innovation.

Accountability – To build a union that is transparent and accountable for every step of the way.

Collaboration – To build a union that strives on the strength of togetherness and possibilities.

It is in this light that, I, Tobiloba Wisdom OLANIPEKUN, popularly known as TOBINO, officially and publicly declare my interest to contest for the Number 1 seat of FUTA Students’ Union.

I’m TOBINO’21… You are TOBINO’21… We are TOBINO’21… and this is why I’m running for FUTASU 001 🔥

TOBINO’21 for FUTASU 001

Together we can 💪❤️💪


#TOBINO21 #FutariansFirst #FUTAFirst #TogetherWeCan #FUTASU001

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