We said it long ago that Covid is the Red Carpet to the Beast System.

We said it long ago that Covid is Real but the Agenda behind it is Much more bigger.

If it’s not an agenda, then those who take the vaccine should be Contented that they are So called Protected and not Directly or indirectly force those who do not want the Vaccine.

If the Vaccine protects you , why should you be afraid of those who refuse it? It is not about the Virus, it’s all about Control! 2 Forms of Controls are in play . Mind Control and Population Control.

The Mind of many are being Conditioned/ Controlled to what is ahead.
Others will be victims of Population Control.

We said it long ago that it will come to this, they said we are blabbing..

No Mask, No Service!
No Vacc, No Service!
The target is
No Mark, No Service! Which will come into play After the Rapture!

When you begin to Hear and see things as these, then you begin to see where it is Headed!

The Conditioning for the Beast System is Real!
If you Cannot see that we are in Unique and Strange times with all the Biblical Endtimes Prophecies all over the World, there is nothing else you will ever see.
We are at End of the End of days.

My Dear, for now, make use of all the legal means that you can as it is an infringement on your Human right. commit it to GOD in Prayers and Most Important do not trade your Soul For anything or For anyone under any Guise


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