Osun Commissioner, Yemi Lawal Meets NYC Leaders, Urges Youths To Channel Their Energy On Profitable Projects


The Osun State Commissioner For Youth and Sport, Hon. Yemi Lawal on Tuesday met with the executives of the Nigerian Youth Congress(NYC) Osun State chapter.


The meeting which was held at the State Ministry of Youth had in presence executives of NYC State Of Osun Chapel and local goernment coordinators.

The Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC) is a non- political, non-partisan organization with the responsibility of coordinating and regulating the affairs of youth.


While addressing the NYC leaders, Hon Yemi Lawal encouraged the youths to not limit their potentials to their certification but to be open-minded in order to create solutions to existing problems.

He urged the Youth to be gainfully engaged and to channel their energy on profitable projects rather than destructive ones.

“Everybody is responsible for the good or bad of the state, what we do individually determines the collective success of the society” he mentioned.

Furthermore, he thanked the organization for honoring him with their visits, saying that NYC State of Osun will bring meaningful impact to what the government are doing in the State of Osun. He assured to provide NYC with his support.

Earlier, Mr Laolu Onifade, the State Chairman of NYC, Osun in his said NYC State of Osun chapter has been effective for ten (10) months and the essence of the meeting was to get the non-political organization recognized by the Commisioner for Youth and Sport, Hon. Yemi Lawal.

“We are equally here to partner with the government to take it to the next level, to take up leadership role empowered on Youth and to pledge loyalty to the Commissioner and government of the state.” He said.

He also assured Hon. Yemi Lawal that the NYC is spread across all the 31st local government in the State of Osun.

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