Osun PDP, APC In War Of Words Over Increased Debt, Lack Of Infrastructure


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State are in war of words over accrued loan and lack of infrastructural development in the state.

The PDP berated the APC led government in Osun state in a statement issued on Tuesday by the State Publicity Secretary, Sunday Bisi.

PDP in its statement challenged the APC government to give account of the many loans collected on behalf of the state.

“Osun PDP simple challenge to APC as a major stakeholder in the affairs of Osun State is very simple and that is for APC to give account of why the state is obligated to various creditors, a monthly refund of over 2billion Naira every month even while some APC voodoo economists would want Osun people to believe that not all the credit facilities sought on behalf of Osun State have been accessed,” PDP wrote.

The PDP noted that it is however disheartening that all APC spokesman would come up with, each time his party comes under simple scrutiny are utterance of a failed government.

“By their own economic theories and formulas, APC economists and researchers like Oyatomi should inform Nigerians in Osun State if the governor and his men are merely making loan refunds in advance.

“For us in Osun PDP, we find it repugnant if not insidious for APC not to see accountability as essential ingredient of a reasonable government of any type, let alone democracy, PDP further stated.

Responding to PDP, APC’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Kunle Oyatomi said the allegations of the opposition party are unfounded lies.

Oyatomi made this response in a statement made available to newsmen in Osogbo, the state capital.

According to APC, the allegations that there are no infrastructural developments in Osun and pensioners are suffering and dying on daily basis as a result of non-payment of their pensions are untrue.

“To set the record straight, Osun has witnessed a progressive developmental projects and Socio-economic re-engineering in the last 22months of Oyetola-led APC government, also, this administration alone has constructed more roads than PDP did in Osun for 90 months,” APC stated.

The party noted that it is on record that Governor Oyetola, from the inception of this administration, takes the welfare of workers and retirees a priority to the extent that active workers and pensioners in Osun are being paid as and when due.

APC urged the citizens of Osun to stand firm and be resolute in their support for the APC led government and disregard the disorganized PDP politicians who are desperate for power at all cost.

Taking a jibe at the PDP, APC said it is absolutely ‘unfortunate that some PDP leaders in Osun had sold their birthright and that is why they couldn’t manage simple internal crisis and prevent the party from being controlled by a single man from Ede country home’.

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