Why People Are Forbidden To Rear Dog In My Town, Osun Monarch Reveals (Watch Video)




A traditional ruler in Osun state, the Alara of Ara town in Egbedore Local Government Area, Oba (Dr) Olubayo Adesola has revealed why rearing and eating of dog are forbidden in his domain.


In the town, the monarch also revealed that no one has dog as pet. It’s also a taboo, he added.


Oba Adesola revealed these while featuring on a Yoruba programme, ‘Yoruba Dun Lede” on Amiloaded TV recently.


Disclosing the history of the town,  the monarch said “Ara is a famous town founded by a man, ‘Orira’,  who came from Ife town and he was one of Aranfe sons. Aranfe hails from Oduduwa.


On what led to an end to consumption of dog meat, Oba Adesola explained that “the King that time committed an offence that makes Alafin to summon him. On getting to Oyo, Alafin’s daughter was on sick bed; a situation that prevented Alaafin from attending to Ar king upon arrival. Along their way to Oyo, they were with a dog and the dog had killed Okete (a bush rat).


“On getting to Oyo palace, the Ifa chanters said if they did not see Okete, it was possible that Alaafin’s daughter would die. To save the ailing princess from dying, Ara administration tendered the Okete needed and the princess got healed. Because of this, Alafin of that time forgave Ara monarch’s offence and set them free.


“The Ara team that went to Oyo rejoiced till they entered their town but they had neglected the dog that killed the Okete and the dog was sitting behind them and kept looking at them for their ungrateful act. As they began to dine and wine, they threw bones to the dog  instead of real food. The dog was angry and he exclaimed “Ah! Is this my reward?”


“The people started chasing the dog, and the dog was rescued by a farmer with his wife but they insisted to kill the dog but the dog suddenly transformed to a stone. We serve this stone till date. We call where this stained is situated ‘Mobo’. Ever since, it became a taboo for anyone in the town to eat dog meat nor have it as pet.”


The monarch bemoaned the underdeveloped situation of his domain. According to him, the town lacks basic healthcare facility, water and other facilities.


He called on government of the state to come to the aid of the town and make provisions for these basic needs.


In thesame vein, he charged sons and daughters of Ara in Nigeria and disapora to come home and develop it.


He said he had embarked on youth empowerment but needed assistance from the state government and successful indigenes of the town to make it worthwhile.

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