JUST IN: Nollywood Actress Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have Sex With Her Partner & How She Lost Her Virginity (Video)

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode popularly known as Toyo Baby has reiterated her stance on sexual purity years after she ignited a row of controversy with her “virginity movement”.

The actress who shared her view in an Instalive chat recalled losing her virginity to

her music teacher. She, however, stated that the action never stopped her from joining the sexual purity movement.

She also disclosed that she is currently in a relationship where she doesn’t have sex with her partner.

Juliana Olayode insisted that she believes that sex is meant for marriage and not meant to be given away before that.

The actress further stated that she will hold on to her view and will not allow anything to sway her off.

Watch video here:

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