Opinion: The Sterling Personality of Majeed Alabi @ 40 By Dawood Ajetunmobi

“Men of Substance do not wear Gold,but if you scratch them, you  will see gold”

This old age saying is true both in actions  and inactions of Majeed Alabi, the Deputy Head, Investigation Desk Premium Times, who just hit Four decades.

The very first time that Majeed caught my attention was in the year 2003 at the 1,000 seaters -Amphithaetre of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. I was then a student at the department of Philosophy, he was in English.

It was one of the  congresses of the Students’ Union Government of the Great Ife, when a “meek looking” young man sauntered into the podium, picked the microphone and the  whole Amphitheatre vibrated  by forensic logic of the position he pushed.

What surprised me most, being the first time of seeing him,was the very fact that his look belied what came out of his mouth that day. After the Congress, I made my way to exchange pleasantries with him and commended him for the wonderful presentation.

Majeed finally won my heart when I got to know that he is a practicing Muslim as we met occasionally at Geological park mosque and  Awo mosque anytime I was on campus. It is from Majeed I learnt that you can be deeply involved in activism without being wayward, get involved in all social vices that unionism and activism are known for. It is through Majeed and later from Lanre Suraj, Ibrahim Lawal that I know, you can be an activist and  still have time for your Creator by practising your religion as it ought to be practiced.

Yes, Majeed does not wear gold and hardly will you see on his fore head that he is a man of substance who has won laurels and applauds both locally and internationally in journalism, especially  the  way he relates with people with humility.

Majeed is always in the habit  using “Sir” for me whenever we communicate through WhatsApp. This aspect of him really melts my heart. Here is a person that has wined and dined  virtually with movers and shakers of our society and still relates with you with courtesy.

With Majeed’s tenacity of purpose, will to win, humility, brilliancy and devotion to Allah, the sky is his starting point.

He is definitely a man to watch out for in the agenda  setting in affairs of our Nation.

On the occasion of his 40th birthday anniversary, I wish him long life,posterity, sound health, pure wealth, more laurels and above all a pristine Iman-b-llahi.Aameen.

Dawood, a legal practitioner with ALJAZEERA CHAMBERS  writes this from  Osogbo



    It is believed a man skills and virtue will pave a way for him get to the top. Mr Adebayo Majeed Alabi is a vibrant and astute journalist. He is passionate about how to take journalism in Nigeria to a greater heights. It’s truly a kind of milestone that you have achieved in your life. Is there a humbler wish in the world than praying to God that your smile never fades from your face and may your joy not turn to sorrow? Making this wish for you, Adebayo Majeed Alabi. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday

  2. Mr. Mojeed Alabi cannot have contact with you without having a great impact in your life.
    He is fearless, humble, kindhearted and religious.

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