‘Mr Governor, There Shouldn’t Be Total Lockdown In Osun’ By Adetunji Akanbi Alatata

I just heard that our proactive Governor Adegboyega Oyetola is contemplating an extension of the 14 days lockdown in the state!


Well its for our own safety Mr Governor but Sir,  some things have been established during this lockdown.


1. Osun State has NO case of coronavirus.


2. ALL the cases of coronavirus in the state were people coming from outside the state or outside the country as ascertained by the woman doctor and the Cotedivoire/Ejigbo saga


3. That Osun citizens are law abiding to a fault by complying 95% with the stay at home order!

Now my opinion sir!

Please, on behalf of all artisans and private stakeholders in the state I would suggest a total closure of ALL our borders while the good and law-abiding people of the state are allowed to carry out and go about their lawful businesses and activities between the hours of 7am and 7pm so that we do not die of hunger!

Due to the epileptic power supply all what was stored in the fridges and freezers are spoilt and so many people need to go out to find their daily bread Sir!

Finally, my amiable governor, we are yet to receive any palliative measures from the committee you constituted and we would love them to swing into action as soon as possible to quench the Hunger in the land!

You can’t keep people at home in a state where only 5% are civil servants (according to the former governor Rauf Aregbesola) and expect the kosekoje to keep quiet just like that. The relief committee should have been set up before the lockdown and not the other way round. There should be intrastate movement and he should restrict interstate movement since there is NO case of coronavirus in the state.

Adetunji Akanbi Alatata is a broadcast-journalist, film maker and Public Affairs Commentator


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