Demand For Sack Of Service Chiefs Hasty, Needless – Olowu of Kuta

Olowu of Kuta, Osun State, His Royal majesty Oba Adekunle  Oyelude Makama, Tegbosin 11, has asked the National Assembly and  Nigerians to have a rethink on the call for the sack of the nation’s service chiefs.


According to the monarch, the Nigerian security situation requires holistic appraisal and not a call for sack that appeared to be hasty and needless.


Oluwu in a statement issued by his Media Office on Thursday said the lawmakers appeared to be transferring aggression on the service chiefs who he said have sacrificed a lot to defend the territorial integrity and the internal security of the country.


The revered monarch who maintained that though the security of the country needs to be overhauled for optimum performance, people should know that the military alone is not to be blamed for the lapses, how far have we pursued Political options.


He, however, advised that stampeding the service chiefs out will not be the best way to appreciate their efforts.


Oba Makama said; “ The Senate and House of Representatives motions that the service chiefs should resign or be sacked is not the best way to appreciate their efforts.


 The danger inherent in such motions is that it will not only demoralized the officers and men who would feel let down by such decision, those coming to take over from them may be reluctant since it is the same military considering the monumental impact the present military leadership has made towards professionalism in the Army that we’re not talking of, I think when dealing with the issue of security, we should be circumspect so as not to jeopardize the success we have achieved bearing in mind that fighting insurgents is not a conventional warfare.


” Again, what’s the budget of the defense this year? How will a military fighting insurgents, fighting armed banditry, kidnapping and other several operations within the country cope with such meager budget? What’s the role of the DSS, NSDC, Police, Immigration, Customs in a situation like this?” are they equipped to  compliment the military gains in the  war fronts,” he asked.


Olowu said it is crystal clear that our military is overstretch and to support the military in fighting the insurgents vis a vis Political options  Should be our Collective responsibility.


He also counseled that once a military clears an area and rid it of Boko Haram elements, the onus is on the police and NSDC and other security agents to occupy the area to secure it.


He is also of the opinion that the Sambisa Forest ought to have been developed and used for extended mechanized farming once the military clears it instead of leaving it fallow for the insurgents to return and occupy the place, our De- Radicalisation policy should be Reviewed. 


“ I think we need to do a critical appraisal of the insurgents with the view of proffering  lasting solution that will be in the interest of all and sundry. Like the Borno Governor remarked two days ago that many of the elected public officials do not want to hear the truth. I think we need to tell ourselves the blunt truth, instead of resorting to fire brigade approach of treating the symptoms, instead of holistic treatment of the issues “ . He added.

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