Abuja Bank Robbery: Staff Gives Vivid Role In Failed Operation As Police Parade Suspects (Photos)

A Customer Service Officer of a first-generation bank at Mpape, Abuja, where a robbery attempt was foiled by policemen and soldiers last Saturday on Tuesday gave vivid details about how the robbers gained access to the banking hall through him.

The suspect who was paraded in Abuja before newsmen along with others confirmed that he personally drove the five robbers into the bank premises in his vehicle to facilitate the free access to the bank premises.

He, however, said that he had to play the critical role as the mastermind of the robbery,  who is now at large, had threatened to kill him, his girlfriend and his family if he did not help them rob the bank.

The 30-year old who said he graduated from the Department of Political Science, University of Abuja, in 2014, claimed that N7 million was promised to be given  if the operation was successful and 20 per cent of whatever they got would be his.

According to him, he had declined the offer, but Ernest had insisted.

His account of being coerced to the foiled heist seemed inconsistent as he variously referred to the said Ernest as a friend, even saying he even mooted the idea of robbing the bank.

According to him, “I met a friend (Ernest) in November and we had a discussion where we used to hang out and I said something after he complained about our services in the bank and we almost got into a serious argument and I told him that the only thing he would do is get angry and maybe not bank again with us

“He said he was going to hurt someone and I told him not to do that. That the highest he can do is to do that or maybe rob the bank to make them feel bad. I did not know he had that on record and he used that to threaten that after sometime that I must take the people that he would bring into the bank

“He threatened my family, myself and even the people around me. Even my girlfriend. After that, I was afraid to go to the police because he said even if I go to the police that he had already informed his colleagues and because he is a cultist and he said that anything I get after that I should take it. That is when he brought them. I still begged him and he went as far as my family house and threatened to kill them

“He now brought them on that day that I should take them in and tell them what to do. He even followed to the bank but escaped when they caught them. He insisted I take my car to take them inside the place and that was the only thing I was supposed to do and leave the rest for them to do. The person is at large. His name is Ernest

“I didn’t report to the police because of the threat. He actually brought his fellow cultists to my house and threatened me and my girlfriend that I must take them. He said he was going to give them N7 million. He said I was going to get 20 per cent and I told him I did not want anything. He said I must collect it. I am a Customer Service Officer. I have been with the bank for over two years

“If I had gone to the police I would not have been here talking now. Members of my family also would not be. He knows my family house and knows where I stay personally at Mpape. He waited to see when we entered inside and he immediately called me and I did everything out of fear of not dying and not having anyone dying because of me

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