Police Deny Killing Of Three Shiites During Ashura Procession

The Kaduna State police have denied the allegation of killing three members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria during Tuesday peaceful Procession in the State.

The police through its spokesman, DSP Yakubu Sabo, who told our correspondent that there was no report of attack on the IMN members or any killing of its members stating that the claim that three people were killed is just to draw public sympathy.

Spokesman of the IMN, Ibrahim Musa, had claimed that three of their members were killed when policemen opened fire on the Shiite members while they were on a peaceful procession along the Nnamdi Azikiwe Western by-pass on Tuesday morning

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria had earlier alleged that the police killed three of its members during their annual Ashura procession in Kaduna on Tuesday.

The group had defied yesterday’s warning by the Kaduna state police command against embarking on the procession, by coming out in their large numbers to mark the day around Bakin Ruwa area in the Western by-pass of the state capital.

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  1. Students’riot, whether peaceful or otherwise,is nothing strange around the world. Riot must be issue based an directed to the appropriate quarters.
    The Fuoye riot ought not to have been to an individual. The irate students should have taken their protest to the office of BEDC in Ikole Ekiti being the company responsible for power distribution and outage.
    Their action becomes irresponsible and comfortable when it is wrongly channelled, more so when it involves killing and arson.

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