‘I Sold Indomie & Egg To Survive’ – Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Student

Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Student, Lucy Akwawa in an interview with The Bug magazine revealed that contrary to popular belief, a good number of students in Covenant University are from average and below average families who struggle like most Nigerians to foot their bills. She explained how she managed a petty trade through school.

She is the very first winner of the elite pageant, crowned Queen at the event which took place on the 21st of December at the prestigious Lekki Coliseum.

Excerpt from Lucy Akwawa’s profile on The Bug magazine:

Lucy started school at Our Lady’s Nursery and Primary School, but it was Immaculate Conception Secondary School (both in Bauchi) that she develop her ambitious personality which has kept her success-bound ever since. When she got into Covenant University, she was already ready to take on the academic and social rigour the school is known for. In Lucy’s words: “Covenant University is a very disciplined school and it takes alot to comply with all the rules. All these made me more accountable, responsible and self disciplined”.

“Going through C.U was a miracle because sometimes it seemed like the school fees was not gonna come. People have this mindset that All students in C.U have wealthy parents and are more than capable, financially. But that’s not true; there are the rich, the average and the financially challenged.

“I had to take up responsibilities for myself when monthly allowance wasn’t coming in steady as usual due to some financial challenges we had at home. The most eaten food in C.U is Indomie as that is the only thing we are allowed to cook. So i came up with a business idea of selling eggs and cooking noodles for people just to have an alternate source of income – yeah i love cooking and people loved my noodles. Covenant University added to my life positively, the teachings of the chancellor are still engraved in my heart. And i feel more than proud saying ‘I attended Covenant University'”

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