How OBCP is effecting positive changes in the lives of the ‘forgotten ones’

Last month charity was not just a success but a ground-breaking one. OBCP team went down to state of Osun Orphanage and correction home, Osogbo as planned, to perform the monthly charity giving.  We gave out several materials like Noodles (food), detergents, soft drinks, writing materials and cake to celebrate July born amongst them. Evidently, they’re overwhelmed with the joy of understanding that some  appreciate and value their existence.

Indeed, the memory will linger for a while as the children at the orphanage home and those at the correctional unit became happy and we the opportuned givers felt fulfilled.
Motivational talk was inclusive, and that made it more colorful. Some of the members inspired the children with words of substance, uplifted their spirit and made it clear to them that they are uniquely made.

We’ve convinced people that being dependants  (students) is not genuinely an excuse not to influence the society positively, through giving.
OBCP is also calling the general public, stakeholder and all sons and daughters of Oodua to support this program by giving back to their father land

A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog. Jack London


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