Femi Fani-Kayode Blasts Lauretta Onochie: “You Need A Brain Transfer (Must See)

Former Aviation Minster Femi Fani Kayode has fired back to Buhari’s Aide Lauretta Onochie for saying that its disrespectful to ask for the President’s Health status.

Fani Kayode stated this in an official statement made available to NGYAB.com

His words…. Those that say that we are crossing the line when we call on Buhari to either resume or resign have been unhinged by the power that they wield and the spirits they consult in the Presidency.

Those that say that it is disrespecful to ask about our President’s health dont just need a comprehensive face-lift becos of their repulsive physical challenges and debilitating ugliness:

They also need a brain transfer becos of their compelling and nauseating ignorance.We are citizens and not slaves.We have every right to ask about our President’s health.

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