Jungle Justice: 4 Armed Robbers Burnt To Death By Angry Mob In Lagos (See Photos)

A Nigerian man, Sky Joe residing in Lagos has shared the story and photos of how suspected Armed robbers were burnt alive by an angry mob after they were caught.

Joe Sky wrote:

“Ok, I posted Mercedes Benz and their ranges are the years passes bye just yesterday and begged my youths not to die for the new model for there will always be a new model.
Meanwhile these fellows disobeyed and decided to die for the maybe 2017 model while there will be a new model by next year so they st out for robbery, now they didn’t make it because the law did not catch up with them but their fellow barbarians in human nature caught up with them, They have been burnt to ashes now by some aspiring arm robbers who are lucky not have guns on them today. Now these youths are gone all in the name of fast money while they could be handed over to the government to face the law, and maybe who knows they will learn their lessons and turn a new leave.

 I am not supporting them for stealing but I am blaming this ones and you who sent in these pictures, why didn’t you alert the police with the time you spent taking pictures to upload for likes and comments. Now what difference do you make of these lives wasted here? At the last day, ”If there be a last day” Everyone must surely answer to the call. We are living in a country where barbarians wear cloths and lions have human face.
 Once again Nigeria Ntooor.”

See photos below..

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